Providing you the service options you need 24/7

It’s our goal at Southeastern insurance to exceed your expectations. This means providing you service options that are available 24/7, mobile, and fast.

SIS24 Online allows you to access your insurance information online from any device. With our online client portal, you can now access your insurance information and requested documents instantly online, including:

  • Auto IDs

  • Claims Reporting & Status β€” Including Related Documentation

  • Policy Information

  • Request Forms to Change or Modify Account Information

  • An Up-to-Date List of Certificate Holders

  • Account Contact Information

  • Resource Documents

  • Policies Complete with DEC Pages

  • Documented Confirmation of All Activity Conducted Online

  • Certificates of Insurance (COIs)

    • Efficiently process COIs from your computer or mobile device.

    • Automated batch certificate processing when many COIs need to processed or renewed at once.

    • Paperless delivery options: email, fax, view on screen.

    • Automatic inclusion of attachments and endorsements, when needed.